Caulkheads Unite

In the novel Mansfield Park, Jane Austen wrote, “She thinks of nothing but the Isle of Wight and calls it ‘The Island’ as if there were no other island in the world.” and I’m telling you now, she’s not wrong.

Although for a lot of people, visiting the Isle of Wight is like going back in time (we even have a time machine, just go to Robin Hill); I personally love having to pay a mere £3.50 to go to the, albeit mouldy, cinema. So what if everybody knows everybody, employment is restrictive and ferry fares are extortionate – the Island has many pros:

  • Benedict Cumberpatchbatch got married here
  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • Bestival
  • Donkeys, lots of donkeys
  • Scooter rally
  • Bear Grylls, raised a Caulkhead
  • Home of M J Trow, the myth, the man, the legend (my history teacher and famous author – well he was on Richard and Judy)
  • Beaches, apparently attractive to a lot of people but unfortunately I hate sand
  • Red squirrels, have been hiding from the evil Grey Squirrels on the Island for years and are a national treasure
  • Words such as ‘somewhen’ and ‘nipper’
  • The magical beast that keeps on amending the sign for Apse Heath


Although many young people can’t wait to move to the ‘mainland’ I cannot see myself living anywhere else. Which is handy since I have a 32 year mortgage.


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