Why I’ll be voting to Remain

I think it’s clear that the UK has not fully recovered from the last recession, Brexit will do nothing but increase our economical issues. Recession equals cuts and cuts equals bad news, we cannot afford to allow interest rates to fall and unemployment rates to rise again.

Not only are over 3 million jobs in the UK linked to trade in the EU, EU law guarantees workers’ rights in areas such as maternity and paternity leave and holiday pay. The Trade Union Congress says that the average wage could fall by £38 a week if we left Europe, that is a substantial amount of money for a lot of people and would hit families hard.

‘Controlling our borders’ will have a knock on effect by reducing the rights of Brits to live, work or retire in other EU countries. Anybody who has ever had to apply for a visa will know how costly and time-consuming they really are, do we really want to go through that process every time we want to leave the UK?


I could rant on and on about why I think we should remain in the EU, but at the end of the day you have to decide for yourself. Just please ensure that you take the time to vote on 23rd June, after all we are young and we have the whole of Europe at our feet.


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