Compulsive skin picking and me.

“Compulsive skin picking (CSP) is characterised by the repetitive picking of the skin to an extent where damage is caused.”

I’ve attacked my face, arms, chest and scalp with numerous different objects throughout the years. It all began with picking at my nails and scabs, a bad habit that a lot of children have. During my teenage years I relished at having acne, all the more for me to pick. However, I’m now paying the consequences with a face full of scarring.

I think I began to realise that I may have a bit more of a problem than a simple ‘bad habit’ when I began to unknowingly pick and pick and pick until I bled. The initial bleeding would signal that I needed to stop, however bleeding equals scabs and scabs equal PICKING HEAVEN. There’s only so many times a scab can be picked before it eventually leaves a scar, and I unwillingly pick until permanent damage is caused.

I’ve tried many different things to help reduce the amount of harm I cause myself. I find that painting my nails, and then picking that off helps a lot, but who know’s how much nail varnish I’ve consumed doing this. The most annoying solution I’ve found is telling somebody, in my case my boyfriend, to make sure they stop you every time they see you pick. This is extremely frustrating for the picker but I guess it’s good in the long run right? CSP is not something that I’ve ever really spoken about – it’s probably something that a lot of people don’t know about. So if you have any questions or if you feel like you may have CSP then feel free to comment.

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