Wait, what?

The brain is a weird place, here are some thoughts that continue to bother me.

  • When your Mum was born, she was already carrying the egg that made you.


  • Goats have rectangular pupils, once you notice you can never not see them.


  • We’re all just brains controlling bodies.


  • How are languages invented?!


  • When you eat a lollipop you’re really just eating flavoured spit.


  • Names are so weird, they’re noises that are picked for you that then identify you for the rest of your life (or until you’re 18).


  • Clapping – I hate clapping – I’m mildly impressed so I’m going to smack my palms together to show you, no thank you.


  • Sleeping is totally necessary but when you really think about it you just shut down for about 8 hours and have weird hallucinations called ‘dreams’.


Hopefully they’ll now start to bother you too. You’re welcome.

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