How to: get a degree with the Open University

I’ve just completed year 4 of 6 with the Open University for a degree in Business Studies. The thought of graduating at the grand old age of 25 is helping me to power through the remaining 24 months. Although signing up to something that takes 6 whole years to complete can be daunting – I’ve had a really positive experience with the OU (so far).

Although the Open University is advertised as distance study, I’ve found that my tutors have been able to provide me with a lot of support throughout my modules. Not only do you get a personal tutor who is there for calls, emails and face to face tutorials, you also get everything you need to complete the module included in the course fee.

Earning whilst learning has been my motto since my feeble attempt at A-Levels, and the OU has allowed me to continue to expand my knowledge whilst maintaining a full time job and having a life(ish).

Don’t get me wrong, the Open University is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of effort – so if you’re not fully committed it’s probably not for you.

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