So you’re an adult?

There are many key skills that adults should possess in order to make their lives a little easier…

Knowing how to stand up for yourself

Whether it’s a sweaty builder cat-calling you or a colleague at work shouting down every idea you have, if you know how to stand up and speak up for yourself it’ll stop you from getting walked all over.

How to parallel park

If you can drive, you will have to face your fear of parallel parking at some point. You can’t spend your life looking for spaces big enough for double-decker bus to park in. It’s not as hard as it looks, just practice and you’ll soon be able to wow your friends by parking in normal sized spaces.

Perfecting how to make a good cup of tea or coffee

Trust me; it’s a key life skill. Even if you don’t drink them yourself – your friends, family and guests will appreciate it a perfectly brewed brew.

How to set a table

Are you an adult? Do you eat dinner? Do you have friends? Chances are you’ll need to know how to set-up a table, I’m not saying you should be prepared for a visit from the Queen but here’s a simple layout…


How to wake up on time and not be late

Anybody who knows me will know how much I hate being late, I’m a ‘rather be an hour early than a minute late’ kind of gal. My personal tip is to never plan to be on time, plan to be early – then that missed bus or heavy traffic won’t turn into being late. When you live by this rule, you have to embrace waiting so carry a book or your phone to occupy you.


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