Underwhelming things that I have an overwhelming hatred for.

Slow walkers

Is this a joke? Do you not have anywhere to be? How can this be an efficient use of energy?


People who pay with cheques

I’m sorry, I didn’t realise we were in the Victorian times – no I don’t want to have to physically go to a bank and then wait years to actually get my money.

giphy (2)

The heat

I have to be snuggled in a blanket or duvet but I hate being hot in bed – hot humid days and nights just mess with my internal thermostat.

giphy (1)

People who eat with their mouths open

Lovely to see and hear that you’re enjoying your food…

giphy (1)

Incorrect toilet roll placement

Were you born in a barn?



Those pesky little bits of skin that peel up along the side of your nails to remind you that your hands are dry – natures way of reminding you that the tiniest of things can cause huge amounts of pain.


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