Letter to future-me

The following is an e-mail from the past, composed on March 07, 2010. It was delivered from the past through FutureMe.org, I thought I would share it with you, along with my response.

Hola FutureMe,

Espero que usted será capaz de leer y entender esto, y que no sólo tiene que utilizar traductor Google. Usted debe ser el aprendizaje del español y espero que bien. Si usted está keep it up! Si usted no es el trabajo más duro. 

Just thought I’d let you know what’s happening with your life at the moment. You pretty much think that you have planned your life for the next like 8 years, a bit drastic I know. So far you’ve planned on sixth form (Isle of Wight College) then onto university (Bristol) and then who knows, if you get the grades you’ll be a lawyer (we can wish).

Ermm you got a yellow card last Friday from the police for drinking cider under-age in public, so you’re pretty badass at the moment, a rebellious stage as you’re also thinking about dyeing your hair brown.

When writing this I’m thinking I’m pretty much the biggest tit ever, but I’m hoping reading it will make you remember your teenage years, lets just hope you check this e-mail every once in a while aye. 

Anyway I think I’m just gonna leave you with that, have a good week and make sure you don’t spend your money on shit like you usually do. 
Your 16 year old self 

First of all, why did I think it would be ‘cool’ to start off the letter to my future self in Spanish?! Ironically, I google translated what I said and the main point is ‘I hope you will be able to read this without using Google translator’ so I predicted how lazy and forgetful future-me would be.

It’s clear that I had my life planned out, from what sixth form I was going to and where I wanted to go for uni. My life turned out to be pretty much the opposite of what I predicted in this letter. First of all  I stayed at my high school for sixth form, where I only attended the first year before I left and got an apprenticeship. I never went to a conventional uni, and I definitely did not study law – I’m currently studying Business at the Open University. 16 year old me clearly did not have it all worked out.

The next section of the ‘letter’ made me physically squirm with embarrassment. I thought I was going through a rebellious stage because I got a yellow card and thought about dyeing my hair! I was the rebel of all rebels, crying over a police warning although I did end up dyeing my hair brown BADASS ALERT.

The only thing that I did get right was how much of a tit I was and still am.

I’ve written another letter to future-me that I should receive in 5 years, I wonder if my predictions are any better this time.

I encourage you to write one of these to yourself through FutureMe.org as it’s absolutely hilarious and a good way of reflecting back on your younger self.

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