Fledgling from the nest

Fledgling – a young, new or inexperienced person (or bird)

If you decide that you no longer want to have to cradle your kebab whilst trying to sneak upstairs after a night out, then maybe you should consider getting your own place.  Moving is never easy but it is a milestone that many young people have to go through when transitioning into adult life.

Before leaving the safety of the nest and falling precariously into the mouths of hungry predators (landlords/mortgage lenders) there are some things that you need to know and accept.

  • You are or will soon be an awkward adult sized child who requires nap time and regular reassurance.

Life can get pretty scary, if you can find me a twenty-something year old who isn’t having a quarter life crisis then, well I’d probably just burst into tears.

  • Food will no longer magically appear so you will have to go out and buy it yourself.

I find it easier to make a meal plan for the week and then go food shopping once in order to save time and effort.

  • Money doesn’t go as far as you think it does.

Once you’ve paid the bills you’ll find yourself having around £50 (if you’re lucky) to spend on things other than gas and electricity.

  • Your neighbours will be the worst people on earth.

I give it a month before you yell at their kid for kicking a ball within a 1 meter radius of your car or bitch about the location of their wheelie bin.

  • Washing your clothes in the winter is hard.

If the weathers too bad to hang your clothes outside and you don’t have a tumble drier then be prepared to have damp clothes hanging off of any surface in the house.

There are also some pretty important habits relating to living on your own that you need to consider.

  • Cleaning your home regularly, not just when people are coming round
  • Paying bills on time
  • Budgeting – knowing how you spend your money and how much money you can spend on chocolate and DVDs

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