Lovin’ your leftovers

I personally find it hard to remember that I do not need to cook for a rugby team, meaning that I often have a lot of leftovers. Tupperware is my best friend when it comes to leftovers, but there are often times where it gets pushed to the back of the fridge and left to colonise. However, when the leftovers are used there are times when they’re much nicer than the original meal.

For example, leftover chilli con carne makes amazing nachos, chilli dogs, chilli cheese ‘fries’ and taco bowls.

Leftover pasta (a rarity) can be turned into a pasta bake or a pasta salad for lunch.

My favourite leftover recipe has to be banana bread, I cannot stand overripe bananas but once mashed and added to sugar, and other such ingredients, they turn into one tasty cake. It’s about the only thing that I can bake and I’ve begun to perfect them since moving out.

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