The realities of owning a big dog

Having a big dog can be great at times but there are occasions where you start to question your choice of companion.

They start off really small and cute but they soon turn into monsters.

Dog hairs seem to stick to everything apart from the dog.


They often forget their size and numb your legs in the process.

Photo Shape Editor:

If they decide they no longer want to walk, they no longer have to walk. Even if you were about to just cross the road…

Photo Shape Editor:

They can clear off a whole coffee table with one wag of their tail, and you will be injured by a tail to the face.

giphy (2)

No food is safe.

Photo Shape Editor:

They will somehow ALWAYS be in the way.

giphy (3)

If you sit in their spot on the sofa they will stare you down until you move.

Photo Shape Editor:

Their farts can evacuate rooms in a heartbeat.

giphy (1)

But even after all of this, we can’t help but love them.


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