Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Review

All hail Barry and his glorious nail paints. Barry M has been my brand of choice for nail varnish for a good few years now as the colour range is amazing and the price is reasonable.

I’ve always been an avid hoarder of all of the collections; however my ultimate favourite (so far) has to be the Gelly Hi-Shine polishes with 12 out of my 40+ collection. I adore how shiny they are without the need for a top coat and the colour pay off is amazing.


A pretty good coverage, you could get away with one coat for the darker colours however two coats does look better and is definitely needed for the lighter pastel colours.


These nail paints have the finer brushes in them, making it a little harder to apply. I personally prefer the larger brush that they have put in the Speedy Qucik Dry range, but the finer brush does allow for greater precision.

Drying Time

Fast! One hand will dry in the time it takes you to paint the other which is really handy (top tip, paint your thumbs last so you can use them to clean up any stray nail varnish from your other fingers).


These last a lot longer than the standard range of nail paints on me, if I don’t pick the colour off then they usually last me around 4 days. Although, I’m sure ‘normal’ people could wear it for a week with no chips.

You can find the nail paints here at a bargain price of £3.99.

7 thoughts on “Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Review

  1. cloudyskiesblogging says:

    I love this post!!! I’m not really much of a nail polish girl because usually within a day of painting them they already chip and look awful but these sound really good so I think I’ll definetly pick up a few from this range. Have you ever tried their matte range because I love the look of them so I was considering picking up one of them too. If you have any free time would you mind checking out my blog


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