Friends 4eva

My friends are amazing, most of the time.

Emotional Support

As you know from previous posts, I tend to cry at a lot of things. I wouldn’t say that I go running to my friends every time I have a blubber because I’m tired but when things do get a bit serious they’re some of the first people I go to. Its lovely knowing that you have the support of 12 girlies available at the touch of a button.


Yes I do want to know when I have a bogey on my face or something in my teeth. I would say we’re a pretty honest friendship group when it comes to things like that, and we also have no qualms about telling each other when we’re being class A twats.

Unconditional Love

Soppy I know, but even if we haven’t seen each other for months at a time when we meet it’s like we were never apart. There’s hugs and snuggles when the mood warrants them, as well as play fights when needed. Growing up with 12 gorgeous girls and loving each and every one of them for their differences has made me a more wholesome and understanding person.

Secret Sharing

My friends know some of the weirdest shit about me, and I know a lot of weird shit about them. That’s how friendships work. Girl’s whatsapp groups just shouldn’t be shared with anybody ever, there are currently 254 shared media files in our group chat and I can guarantee that around 250 of them are for our eyes only.

I LOVE YOU ALL – best stop before their heads get any bigger.

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