How to: do the things that you hate to do

Washing up

Show me a person that enjoys doing the dishes and I’ll show you a liar. Unfortunately, it is a task that must be done and after being a human dishwasher for 18 months I have some tricks up my sleeve to make it a little easier.

If possible, I try to wash as I go and then wash up the final bits when they’re finished with. Although motivating yourself to get your full tummy into the kitchen after dinner is tricky, you’ll thank yourself in the end. By washing up straight away you don’t leave the remnants of food enough time to make themselves at home making it a quicker process.


Deciding what’s for dinner

Knowing what you want to eat is one of life’s hardest decisions. Usually the only thing I do know is what I don’t want to eat so I end up staring into cupboards and the fridge to see if anything has changed in the last 20 minutes.

The best thing to do if you’re indecisive is to make a meal plan at the beginning of the week, and then stick to it. That way you eliminate the need to choose every day, however it does mean that you have to make a lot of decisions in one day. I mean, how will I know what I fancy next Wednesday when I haven’t even had breakfast on Saturday?


Washing the car

Just the thought of washing my car makes me shudder. Where possible I will use a car wash, however when the inevitable happens and I do decide to clean my car then I try to make it as quick as possible.

I find it easier to get everything out first and make sure that everything is to hand. This way you don’t wander around searching for things with soggy shoes and dripping clothes. It’s much more fun if you have a power washer and you can blast the dirt and bird poo – but you can make do with a bucket or a hose if that’s all you’ve got. The best thing to do is to force somebody else to help you, although this normally ends in water fights and bickering, it really does make the job more enjoyable.

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