10 things that we all do

  1. Thinking WedNESday whenever you write down Wednesday
  2. Feeling phantom phone vibrations, checking your phone and then remembering you have no friends
  3. Having imaginary conversations in your head so you can practice for real life events
  4. Picking things up with your toes to conserve energy
  5. Never fully appreciating a clear nose until it’s blocked
  6. Run up the stairs like somebody is chasing you
  7. Considering amputation when you get leg cramp in the middle of the night
  8. Stare in the mirror, not to pluck your eyebrows or do anything, just to look at yourself from all angles
  9. Listen to a song on repeat so you can nail the rap verses and impress all your friends nobody
  10. Have that one pair of shoes that are falling apart and stink like a rotting rat, but can’t get rid of them because they fit perfectly


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