What were the 90’s thinking?

The 90’s were full of fashion horrors, chokers and jelly shoes may have made a comeback but I’m hoping that these stay in the past.


Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips

I’m still not sure I understand the practical use for butterfly clips? I mainly wore them because of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the Olsens, but apart from scraping off the outer layer of your scalp they didn’t actually help when styling hair at all.


Mood Rings

Mood rings

Everybody needed a real-time update of their own mood, just to reassure themselves of what their feeling. Of course you spent most of your lives feeling calm (blue) or fearful (red).


Tassel Trousers

Octopus trousers

Now exclusively worn by Zumba instructors these were the must have item of the 90’s, I owned various pairs in garishly bright colours.


Flame Shirt

Flame shirts

The epitome of a 90s boy at a school disco doing knee slides across the floor to Crazy Frog. These shirts paired with jeans and a wallet chain were sure to get all the girls wooing.


Yeti Boots – Etsy

Yeti boots

JUST WHY?! Yes I owned a pair, yes I wore them with a denim mini skirt and strappy top and yes they did make my feet sweat like crazy.


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