10 things I should have grown out of

Naps – I can guarantee that as I child I showed little appreciation for naps whereas now I’ll nap at any opportunity.

Eczema – more than half of the kids who have eczema as a child get over it by the time they’re teenagers, my body seems to have missed that memo and I now have it worse than ever.

Feeding the ducks – nothing brings me more joy than lobbing a stale chunk of bread at a duck and I don’t think that’ll ever change.

The Simpsons – apparently adults aren’t supposed to watch cartoons at 6pm.

Sims – I admit I haven’t played the Sims for a very long time but when I do, I have to play it religiously for a few weeks before I stop again.

Acne – like eczema, I always thought that teenagers grew out of having acne. I’m just destined to have a pizza face forever.

Bubble wrap – I love love love bubble wrap, especially the ones with the medium sized bubbles. I keep a stash of it under my desk at work for when times get tough.

Pom-bears – is there a better crisp? I have no shame in whacking out a pack of Pom-Bears on my lunch break.

Christmas – ahhh the magic of Christmas, my favourite time of the year.

Eye spy – long car journey? Eye spy. Can’t get to sleep? Eye spy.

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