Budgeting Tips for Your 20s

Your twenties is a crucial point in your life where you are neither a child nor a fully capable adult. Unfortunately the transition involves finances and learning how to budget, unless you want to eat beans for the rest of eternity, so I’ve compiled some tips that will hopefully help.

Avoid cash machines that charge you

Some cash machines have the audacity to charge you for getting your own money, avoid them like the plague as there’s probably a free one a stones throw away.

Don’t go to the supermarket hungry or without a list

Seriously, if you go to the supermarket hungry you will buy everything, I’ve been there and done it. It’s best to go with a list and buying only the things that are on said list, as you probably don’t need the other 100 items that catch your eye.

Stop going out every weekend and wasting your money on alcohol and kebabs

Apparently most 20 year olds like to go out most weekends to get drunk and stumble home with their kebab babies (not me). You could end up wasting hundreds of pounds, so try to limit this indulgence to maybe once or twice a month max.

Resist the temptation to buy

Maybe it’s just me but some days I just get the urge to buy something, nothing that I need or sometimes even want but the instant gratification is addictive. When you have this impulse ask yourself: is this a planned purchase? Where are you going to put it? Why do you want it? Is it included in your budget?


Do you have any other tips?

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