Cool New Inventions

When you think that the world can’t get any better, along comes some geniuses to shake everything up again. Below are some of my favourite ‘new’ inventions, I admit that I often Google new inventions to soak up some innovative ideas.



NeverWet is a hydrophobic water repellent that repels water and dirt from anything you spray it onto, although I don’t think wet proofing your dog is advisable.

Food Hugger


I’m sure it’s not just my household that can’t finish a whole cucumber in one sitting, food huggers are a reusable solution to cling filming the ends of your fruit and veg in a meagre attempt at preserving them.



If you too are fed up of having to get a knife to get out the remaining ketchup from the bottle then LiquiGlide is perfect for you! Unfortunately in these circumstances we must rely on the product manufacturers to do us all a favour and incorporate LiquiGlide into their packaging.



I still don’t understand why PlasticRoad hasn’t been backed by companies worldwide. It’s sustainable and requires little to no maintenance, not to mention the fact that it cuts months off of construction times! The concept needs to be prototyped ASAP.

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