How to: teach your parents to use Facebook

If you cave into the persistent requests to set up a Facebook account for your parents there are a couple of fundamental things you need to do:

  1. Relax – you’ll need to explain the basics more than once so if you’re already frustrated you should consider postponing the Facebook tutorial.
  2. Explain how public Facebook is – one of the most important lessons for Facebook revolves around the differences between status updates, private messages and writing on somebody’s wall. Make sure you explain how to and, more importantly, when to use all of the above.
  3. Teach them how to upload photos and videos – this can either be done from clicking on the photo/video button at the top of their news feed or on the photo section of their page. It’s a must have skill if you want them to upload all of your embarrassing baby photos for the whole world to see.
  4. Show them how to search for and add friends – parents seem to find the Chamber of Secrets easier to locate than the search bar so make sure you show them how to search for friends and pages.

People often learn best by doing so ensure that after you show your parents how to do something, you get them to do it themselves afterwards. Even if it does leave you wanting to scoop your eyes out with a fork.


Sometimes it’s best to leave them to it, just be prepared for the list of questions that follows their first solo Facebook adventure.

giphy (1)

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