Everyday Essentials


Okay so maybe having flowers isn’t exactly essential, but I adore flowers and like to always have a bunch or two in the house. Our garden is also full of them thanks to my boyfriend (I don’t do gardening).


I’ve consistently worn a watch for over 3 years now and I feel lost without one. My pale wrist hasn’t seen the light of day and looks so weird bare.

iPhone 5s

I was always an Android girl who made a point out of not having any Apple products. Then my tablet broke and got replaced with an iPad after which I fully converted to the Apple life.

Lip Balm

I’m obsessed with lip balm and get panicky if I don’t have any on me. I keep two in my desk drawer, two in my bag, one in my purse and around 20 dotted around the house. I even have a collection of limited edition Vaselines that are sacred and will never be touched.


How English of me. I love tea, especially in the morning. I was always woken up with a cup of tea as a kid and the tradition lives on.

What ‘essential’ items can you not live without?

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