Slimming World Snack Ideas

If, like me, you were born to graze constantly throughout the day then these Slimming World friendly snack ideas may come in handy.


Fruit and yoghurt – sounds pretty boring I know, but there are some wild Muller light flavours out there…

Sugar free jelly – the little premade pots are only ½ a syn each or the sachets at 1 ½ syns if you have the motivation to boil some water and wait.

Curly Wurly – if you see an adult purchasing a Curly Wurly without children in tow, I can guarantee that they’re on Slimming World. 6 syns for a full size bar that lasts a lifetime is a good deal, even if you only get about 4 syns worth because the chocolate crumbles off.


Crisps – there are so many low syn crisps to choose from, from Quavers at 4 ½ syns to Velvet Crunch at 4 syns. I pride myself in being a crisp connoisseur and there are plenty of Slimming World friendly options.

Mug Shot – they range from being syn-free to ½ syn, personally they’re not to my taste but I know a lot of Slimming Worlders adore them.

Super Noodles – as long as you make sure you pick up the low fat ones you’re good to go with a syn-free snack.


Are there any other snacks that I’m missing out on?!

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