Pokemon Go Review


Pokemon Go is the first app ever released by the Pokemon company, it involves walking to real-life locations in the hopes of finding and catching Pokemon or topping up your supplies at a Pokestop (there are also Gyms but I haven’t ventured that far yet so can’t really give my opinion on them).


  • It’s fun? This is a question due to the divided opinions of those who play Pokemon Go and those who detest it.
  • Encourages walking, you have to walk certain distances to hatch eggs and you can’t cheat by driving (trust me I’ve tried).
  • It creates a sense of community, if you step outside you’ll find huddles of people scattered around searching for Pokemon together.
  • It’s free to download and play.


  • Drains your battery
  • Uses a lot of data
  • It crashes a lot mid-game
  • Can be a dangerous distraction, there have been many news stories of people falling off cliffs and getting run over. Idiots.

Although I admit, I do like to have a look around for easy to reach Pokemon; I always thought that Pokemon wanted to be the very best and I think they may have missed the mark with this one.

6 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Review

  1. saturdayonwednesday says:

    I agree it drains so much battery I don’t think any app killed my phone faster. As for data it actually uses very tiny amount, although this still doesn’t make it better since your phone dies haha I do like it, although I didn’t even grow up with Pokemon, it’s my weakness for surprises such as the eggs hatching 😂 but I do wish it would stop crashing 😦 although they did not expect so many people to play it so I see why. Hopefully they will fix it soon xxx


      • bestapplock says:

        yeah.with this app you can lock all of your apps! you can also hide photo or videos. or set a wifi profile, when you are close to a specified wifi, apps in the profile will be locked automatically. really interesting. 🙂 just have a try.


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