Why I say no to caffeine


Although many people simply can’t go through the day without that first hit of caffeine, I personally decided to ditch it for good.

Caffeine can be found in numerous things from coffee to aspirin; it affects the central nervous system and can make you feel nervous, restless and agitated. Once you ditch it you’ll begin to experience numerous health benefits:

  • Your hormones will begin to regulate and you’ll start to sleep better
  • You may become less anxious
  • You’ll have less headaches
  • Your blood pressure may drop

If you want to try it and see what benefits it brings, you can make the switch to a caffeine-free life by making some simple changes:

  • Switch to decaff tea and coffee
  • Switch to caffeine-free fizzy drinks
  • Avoid energy drinks and tablets
  • Take as few pain killers as you can or switch to ones with no caffeine in them

Don’t make the same mistake as me by going ‘cold turkey’ and completely cutting out caffeine all together. I experienced withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and tiredness; so if you believe that caffeine is having a negative effect on you then I suggest that you gradually reduce the amount of caffeine you consume.

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