Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas

Muller light yoghurt and banana

Easy peasy breakfast that you can grab if you’re running late – just don’t forget a spoon.

Beans on toast

Beans are full of fibre and make you feel fuller for longer, unfortunately I can’t stomach them but apparently this is a good breakfast?!

Weetabix, milk and fruit

Again, Weetabix is packed full of fibre so is a good way to start the day. Is it only me who likes their Weetabix crushed up with warm milk?

Scrambled egg on toast

Bulking not sulking, get in the protein for breakfast.

Overnight oats

I’m not sure if this is just a Slimming World thing? Overnight oats is basically where you layer porridge oats, fruit and yoghurt together, leave overnight and then stir up and enjoy in the morning.

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