How to: make a media pack

If, like me, you’ve only just started your blog you may feel a bit silly making a media pack. However, if you are contacted by any companies or people who want to work with you then a media pack is a good way to tell them more about you and your blog.


I think it’s a good idea to have your blog logo/header along with the tagline and the web address at the very start of your media pack. I’ve also used the same font as my blog to try and keep everything matchy matchy.

About you

This bit can pretty much be the same as your about page on your blog, you want to let them know your name, age, location and a little bit about yourself. It’s also useful to include a photo in this section so they see the face behind the words.

About your blog

Describe the theme of your blog, the sort of things you like to write about and also what kind followers you have. Use this section to help the person or company understand what your blogs about so they can decide if they’d be a good fit.

Blog statistics

In this section you should show your current blog reach, for example the amount of followers and unique views over a certain time period. I’ve also included Twitter and Instagram followers in this section, as links to my blog are often posted on there.

Contact information

Make sure you include your contact details otherwise you may not hear from them again! My media pack includes my e-mail address and all of my social media links.

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