Things Brits do Abroad


Only speak English

There may be the odd few who have learnt some foreign words but pronounce them with no elegance and there are often people  who think if they put ‘le’ in front of English words then they might be understood.

giphy (1)


From when we open our porky peepers to when we pass out at the end of the day. There will always be a drink of some sort in our hand, especially if it’s all inclusive.

giphy (4)

Only eat English food

A lot of the time us Brits skip the risky sounding calamari and head straight for the burger and chips. Continental breakfast or a fry up? No contest.

giphy (2)


There are two levels of Brits abroad, the bright red burnt to a crisp ones and the dark brown leathery ones. If they made factor 500 I’d definitely buy it.

giphy (3)

Purchase an anklet

Any type of tack that has sea shells on it will do. But the holy grail of holiday purchases is an anklet that gets wrapped around our cankles to make us feel edgy. Nothing says Brits abroad quite like an anklet outline burnt into our skin for weeks to come.

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