Life Tips from the Cat

Cats are dicks, no doubt about it. But there are a lot of life lessons we can learn from them.


Love yourself

Love you and only you, pretend to love the person who loves or feeds you but then resort back to bathing in self-love as soon as they leave the room.

giphy (3)

Be independent

Do what you like, when you like. You ain’t no dog, you don’t take orders.


Take risks

Climb that curtain, scale that wall – you might have the most amazing time (or you might fail, but hey you tried).

giphy (1)

There’s always time to nap

Anywhere and anytime, napping is a god-given right.

giphy (2)

Give generously

Share your fur balls and the fruits (dead animals) of your laborious hunt with your family, they’ll scream and shout in appreciation.

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