Peak Brain Training App – Review

Peak claims to challenge your cognitive skills and build healthy brain training habits, but is it really that effective?


Peaks aim is to help everybody reach their optimum brain skill level by giving you a daily ‘workout’ of games that are supposed to help boost memory, problem solving, emotion, focus, language and mental agility. However, unless you upgrade to pro (for £3.99 a month!) you can’t adjust your training goals or access all of the featured games.

Ease of Use

The app itself is pretty good, it’s nice to use and has been designed well. So far the app has never crashed or not loaded, which is refreshing when you’re used to dealing with Pokemon Go. You can even set yourself training reminders, that annoyingly remind you to train your brain at least 5 times a week.


Most of the games are actually quite fun, although if I could choose not to play Perilous Path I definitely would. However, out of the 18 games everybody is bound to have likes and dislikes. Currently I seem to be most effective at language, memory and mental agility but my focus needs some work – I could see how that might be accurate.


I’ve had the app for 3 months now, and the first month I played it consistently – however, as the app states, I’ve lost focus and therefore interest in it recently. I haven’t deleted it yet and I’m pretty ruthless with apps so that counts for something, right?

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