Things that happen when you work in an open office


  • Somebody will fart. You will hear it and you will laugh whilst trying to control your urge to do a mini-gag.

giphy (1)

  • You’ll get really good at ignoring people. Not on purpose, but you get used so used to drowning out the background noise sometimes it just happens.

giphy (2)

  • You’ll never know whether you’re supposed to be in a conversation or not. It’s hard to decipher which conversations are aimed directly towards you or are just happening over you.

giphy (3)

  • You will know as soon as anybody is eating at their desks. Smells seem to be magnified and you’ll soon know who’s having a tuna sandwich or a packet of Wotsits.

giphy (4)

  • You will end up messaging your colleagues. Sometimes it’s easier than wheeling your chair to their desk or physically standing up to talk to them.

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