How to: be more productive

Achieving lots and doing well is a universal goal that we all have. However, sometimes we can get stuck in a rut and lose our flair for productivity. Below are a few tips to help you get your mojo back.

Mess creates stress

Tidy desk – tidy mind and all that. Personally, I’m much more productive when I’m working in a tidy, clutter-free environment where everything that you need is easy to find.

Get it right first time

By ensuring that you do something right first time, you are eliminating the need to re-do a task or make amendments. Once it’s done, it’s done so make sure it’s flawless.

Remove distractions

If you find that you spend half of your time checking you e-mail or multi-tasking between different jobs then stop! If you start a task and focus on it until it’s completed you’ll get things done a lot faster and be more efficient.

Think small

If the thought of a huge task fills you with dread; break it down into smaller chunks. It’s easier to manage tasks in this way as you feel more motivated by completing each bite size chunk instead of being overwhelmed and uninspired.

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