Slimming World Basics

If you’re thinking of joining a group or starting Slimming World online, I’ve listed the bare basics of what it’s all about.

Free Food is syn-free food that you can eat as much of as you like. Free foods include lean meat, veg, fruit, rice, pasta, eggs and fat-free dairy products. Unlike some diets where carbs are restricted you can fill yourself up on as much pasta, rice and potatoes as you please.

Speed Food are foods that are certain free foods that are meant to speed up your weight loss. They include certain fruits such as melon, peaches and strawberries and also certain vegetables such as asparagus, carrots and green beans.

Healthy Extra A is your daily helping of dairy in order to have some calcium in your diet, it can be anything from 350 ml of skimmed milk to 5 light cheese triangles.

Healthy Extra B, this is the same as the healthy extra A but it ensures you get your fibre. This can be through bread, cereal, nuts and even some types of soup.

Syns are basically treats so include items such as biscuits, ice cream, chocolate and crisps. Different people have different daily allowances, but I think the average is usually 15 syns per day. Just as an example, 15 syns can get you 10 chocolate fingers or 2.5 Curly Wurly’s or 3 bags of Pom Bear crisps.


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