How to: make your cat love you

giphy (1)

Sing to her

I like to serenade Pippa (chase her around the house singing) by adapting various songs and making them more cat friendly. Steal My Girl by One Direction is a favourite of mine, but any song personalised to include her name will do.

giphy (3)

Hug her

The first thing I do when I get home is pick up Pippa and force her to enjoy a nice long snuggle. She may look like she’s merely tolerating me but I’m sure deep down she adores our daily forced-hugs.

giphy (2)

Meow with her

Anytime she meows, I meow. It’s a sure fire way to bond with your cat, I mean cats only meow at humans; so that’s all the evidence I need to carry on the meowing conversation.

giphy (5)

Rub her belly

Be warned, some cats roll onto their back to entice you into a belly rub with the intention of attacking your hand. Luckily, Pippas not an evil genius in this way and thoroughly enjoys a belly rub.


Take selfies with her

Selfies are a must have if you want your cat to love you. I’m sure every owner has at least one attempt at a cat selfie that has been successful. What more could a cat want than to be pressured into looking into a camera lens, especially if they are then blinded by the flash!

giphy (4)

Make her blanket nests

Pippa likes to arrange her own bedding and we always know where she’s been napping as there will be a little circle of nest in any clothes, bedding or blankets. When she’s not made herself a sufficient enough nest, then we like to give her a helping hand to show her how much she’s loved.

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