What’s in my travel bag?

I thought that whilst I’m in the midst of stressing about what to take on holiday, I would show you what I’m planning on packing in my travel bag.

  • Purse – for obvious reasons, I like to have GBP as well as whichever currency I need. I always end up buying something in the airport, even if it’s just a magazine.
  • Passport – can’t go on holiday without it.
  • Book – I get through a fair few books when I’m on holiday; I’m planning on starting Gone Girl on the journey.
  • EHIC – European Healthcare Insurance Card holllla, this little bit of plastic gives you the right to access state-provided healthcare in other countries.
  • Phone – if you don’t take airport snapchats, do you really go on holiday?
  • iPod & headphones – useful if you need to drown out the sound of screaming children.
  • Glasses – useful when you need to see…
  • Sunglasses – for when you finally hit the wall of warmth, my little peepers aren’t used to the sun so I’d be super squinty without them.
  • Lip balm – it’s an obsession and planes have the tendency to suck all of the moisture from my body.

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