LoLa Brows Review

The search for perfect brows is a long, ugly and sometimes expensive journey.

Fortunately, I missed out on the over-plucking trend that has left a lot of people my age with barely there brows. However, with a lack of Benefit Brow bars on the Isle of Wight they often go untouched for months at a time.

I’m off on my hollibobs soon, so I thought I’d try out LoLa Long Lasting Brows by Lash Pefect. They claim to be waterproof and smudge-proof for three weeks, and the treatment is tailored to each individual and the brows that they desire.

As you can see from the (horrible) picture below, I went in with some pretty horrendous brows and some pretty high expectations.





I had such a lovely experience and I really love the results! I woke up this morning and my brows were perfect, no need to fill them in or touch them at all.

She had quite a bit of brow to work with, and boy did she create an arch. She started off by asking me exactly how I would like my brows to look, I practically described the Benebrow (turns out she trained with Benefit – bonus!) Then she went in with the tint, taking it off – checking the colour and then re-applying as I wanted them a smidge darker. Next came the wax which really didn’t hurt at all, once I was happy with the general shape she then done some precision tweezing (which made me sneeze) and trimming.

I was so impressed with the attention to detail, and my brows have never looked better. I would definitely recommend giving LoLa brows a try at a salon near you.

If you live on the Isle of Wight then pop into Charlottes Academy in Cowes – they have an offer on making them £12 instead of £20! 

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