Beating the holiday blues

If you find yourself with nothing but mountains of washing and 487 e-mails to look forward to – then the chances are you have the post-holiday blues. One minute you’re moaning about the heat whilst sipping cocktails and the next you’ve crashed back into reality, so how do you get through this post-holiday depression?

Unpack immediately – there’s nothing like living out of your suitcase at home to bring you straight back down to earth. Unpack and put it away ASAP so you don’t have a constant reminder of the hotter days.

Embrace the sadness – give in to the urge to grizzle over your fading tan and your sun bleached hair and then let it go.

Give yourself something to look forward to – make plans, no matter how big or small. You can even go as far as to start researching and booking your next holiday.

Don’t go back to work straight away – if you can, try and return home on a Friday or Saturday so you have a couple of days to ease back into everyday life.

Over share on social media – there’s nothing better then reminiscing about your holidays by rubbing it in other people’s pale, freckle-free faces.

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