How to: make a blog post schedule

Of course I’d have a blog post schedule that I keep in my bag and update every single day, that level of sadness just screams my name.

If you too would like to become as pernickety as me then you might want to consider making a blog post schedule.

Step 1: If you’ve been posting on your blog for a couple of weeks, then read through your posts and try to catagorise them as best as you can.

Step 2: Once you have your categories, set a dedicated day of the week for a post that relates to that particular category. For example, I made 4 main categories and allocated a day for each category. This keeps your blog consistent, which I personally prefer.

Step 3: If you don’t have enough categories then don’t worry, if you post 5 days a week and have 3 categories that’s fine. Leave yourself at least one day ‘category’ free so you can post about things that may have taken your interest that week.

Step 4: Trust me on this one, carry down a notepad or diary. You never know when a genius idea will hit you so make sure you’re prepared! J K Rowling jotted down her Harry Potter ideas on a napkin, imagine if it got thrown away!

So, do you think you might be obsessive enough to start a blog post schedule?

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