Tips for Curly Hair

Don’t use shampoo.

Only use conditioner when you wash your hair – it does miraculous things to curls and leaves them looking soft and bouncy. I tend to cleanse my hair with shampoo once a week but only use condition for washes in between. Your hair may feel greasy when you first start to do this, however it’ll soon balance itself out so give it time!

Don’t brush your hair.

If you try to brush or comb dry curly hair you’ll end up with a frizzy mess, and even worse you could end up breaking your hair. I finger-comb my curls whilst I condition them in the shower, a wide tooth comb would have the same effect.

Don’t use a hairdryer.

If possible, leave your hair to air dry. If you do find yourself in a rush then make sure you use a diffuser so you don’t look like a troll doll. Diffusers distribute the air flow creating less frizz and more defined curls.

Don’t dry your hair with a towel.

Towels have harsh fibres that can cause frizz by messing with the hairs cuticle, a t-shirt or microfiber towel will dry off your hair without disrupting its natural curl.

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