How to: become an effective leader

I’m sure everyone recalls times where they were lead by an uneffective leader. Those who fail to communicate with the team, those who just chase up completion dates and those who are gutless and do not stand up for their own opinion.

I personally, cannot think of anything worse than actually becoming one of those names that cause a widespread groan amongst a team, so I follow so pretty basic steps when taking the lead:

  1. Be honest – be open with your team and don’t be afraid to admit when you’ve made mistakes. Celebrate success but also recognise failure as a learning curve.
  2. Be responsive – learn how to recognise when a team member may not be in a great mood and adjust your communication and attitude accordingly.
  3. Get organised – do you really think people are going to have faith in a leader that forgets to attend meetings or loses important bits of paperwork?
  4. Assess yourself – look at your own strengths and weaknesses, instead of ranting on about other peoples.
  5. Motivate team members – inspire others to make contributions by offering guidance and examples rather than just shouting out your demands. Lead by example and work with your team.

Last but not least, my favourite leadership picture that just sums everything up.


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