So…I’m engaged!


So my boyfriend of nearly 6 years is now my fiancé and I have become the girl sticking her hand out to everybody and shrieking. Getting engaged has been an overwhelming experience, and we’ve both been feeling the love from everybody.


How did he do it?

We were on holiday in Tenerife about to go for dinner, we were overlooking the ocean, admiring the sunset and he got down on one knee. I freaked out and cried instantly, doing pirouettes whilst he was still on the floor; I then remembered to say yes and we celebrated with dinner and drinks with family.

Were you expecting it?

Well I was hoping that after many years together, a cat and a mortgage we would eventually get married, so in that respect yes. However, was I expecting it on that day, at that moment? Nope.

When’s the wedding?

No date set yet due to an unresponsive Reverend but we’re aiming for summer 2018.

Right now I’m taking my time to relish in my bride-to-be status by drinking prosecco and eating cakes. However, the planning will be commencing shortly and I can’t wait!

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