Barometric Headaches

When I wake up feeling groggy with a pulsing migraine, the chances are that it’s rained or it’s going to rain.

I thought it was only me and Karen from Mean Girls who had this sixth sense for predicting weather, however after a classic ‘Google your symptoms’ session it seems pretty common.

As many as 70 percent of people that suffer from migraines experience attacks as the barometric pressure drops before it rains – who knew!? If you suffer from migraines and think it may be due to barometric pressure, then start a migraine diary to see if your agony coincides with the weather.

Unfortunately, like most migraine triggers, there’s not much you can do when one strikes apart from dosing yourself up on pain medication and waiting it out in a dark room. Unless you’re feeling drastic and fancy moving to a different continent.

The main point of this is to say that if you think your body reacts to the weather, you’re not crazy – it probably does!



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