10 signs you’re having a QLC

Quarter-life crisis’ are real. If you find yourself doing the following 10 things, chances are you’re in the midst of your QLC right now:

  1. You’re reading this post because you Googled ‘Quarter Life Crisis’
  2. Every time you encounter a cat you plead with them to swap lives with you
  3. You cry every time you hear Adele or Passenger
  4. Your part-time job at Tesco’s has lasted 4 years
  5. You feel constantly overwhelmed and out of your depth
  6. You question your adulthood status day in day out whilst you hunt for an adulter-adult
  7. You care more about maintaining your sleep schedule than going out drinking
  8. On some rare occasions, you no longer get asked for ID
  9. WebMD becomes your go to as you constantly fear death
  10. You no longer find your measly bank account a laughing matter

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