How to: save your nails after gels/acrylics


So you’ve picked off your manicure (and probably the top layer of your actual nail) and now you’re left with weak, rough nails that break at the mere thought of opening a can of Coke. So what can you do now?

  1. Cut your nails – trust me, they may look long but they are definitely not strong.
  2. Oil them up – get some vitamin E oil or cuticle oil and slather your nails.
  3. Hand and nail cream – after the initial layer of oil has soaked in, make sure you regularly moisturise with some hand and nail cream. Get yourself some Michael Jackson gloves for the added bonus of intensely moisturising whilst you sleep.
  4. Gently buff them – just to even out your nails and stop any more peeling.
  5. Don’t panic – your nails will return to normal, just give them a few weeks and stop picking at them!

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