How to: save money

Every little helps and all that so below I’ve listed 5 money saving tips that are pretty easy to stick to:

  • Make your own lunch – you don’t need to be wasting your money on shitty meal deals every day so put some effort in and make your own lunch! If you stopped spending £3 a day on buying lunch out you could save yourself nearly £800 a year.
  • Make a list – don’t go food shopping without a meal plan and a list and especially don’t go when you’re hungry! By sticking to a list you reduce the chances of impulse buying three baguettes and a vat of houmous.
  • Get pre-paid prescriptions – if you find yourself needing more than four different prescriptions a month then it’s worth getting a Prescription Prepayment Certificate. For a four item prescription you’ll save nearly £300 a year!
  • Review your bills – shop around as much as you can when it comes to things like insurance and bills. Price comparison websites are a gem when it comes to this and just a simple swap can save you hundreds of pounds a year.
  • Use vouchers – this seems like a pretty obvious one, but before you purchase anything make sure you check to see if there are any special offers or vouchers.

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