Hidden Gems on the Isle of Wight


Quarr Abbey

Home to a small group of Benedictine monks Quarr Abbey has a whole range of things for visitors to enjoy. There’s a visitor center, cafe, farm shop, woodland walks and allotments complete with pigs, hens and an apiary.



Ganders Restaurant

Established in 1998 Ganders are a family business aided by a small team of helpful staff. The restaurant is in an idyllic setting overlooking St Helens Green. Ganders offer a varied menu with specials that emphasise seasonal and local produce.



The Model Village

Godshill’s Model Village is a great place to escape for an hour or so, it gives a nostalgic experience and can be enjoyed by all ages. They even offer a quiz sheet if you’re looking to entertain the kiddies whilst you walk around.


Borthwood Copse

Owned by the National Trust, a walk into Borthwood Copse takes you into another world entirely. If you’re quiet enough you may even spot an Isle of Wight speciality – the red squirrel.


The Pointers Inn Restaurant

The Pointers Inn is one of the oldest pubs on the Isle of Wight. Locals are able to trade their home-grown produce for food or beer which is ensures that there is always plenty of local produce on the menu.

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