Are Wedding Fairs Worth It?

Will you actually get that much out of a wedding fair? Is it not easier to just do some research online?  Here’s some pros and cons of wedding fairs that I’ve found so far:


  • Good to view the more physical things such as flowers and cakes.
  • Great way of booking a photographer as you get to meet them and see if you get on with them, they’ll be a massive part of your day after all!
  • Everything is in one location, good if you don’t gel well with the likes of Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Some stalls offer you exclusive discount vouchers if you quote that you saw them at the wedding fair when you book.


  • ‘Goody bags’ filled with business cards that you then duplicate when walking around the wedding fair.
  • Bored exhibitors who don’t engage with you, not the best way to entice potential customers.
  • The next extreme, the exhibitors that talk to you for what feels like hours before pressuring you into giving them your e-mail address or booking a follow-up appointment.
  • Exhibitors tend to go to more than one wedding fair so they’ll start to get repetitive when you see the same faces over and over again.

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