Style Crisis

How do you even find your own style? I’m having a quarter-life identity crisis where I either look like a 50 year old or a 15 year old.

I feel like everybody else my age has their own style and know what clothes look best on them. They’ve managed to go from childish to elegant seemingly overnight, whilst I’m just stuck in some alternative dimension that consists of either Primark or M&S.

So how do you come to know what looks best on you? I’ve had a bit of a research and found some tips that I think I may try:

  • Determine your colours: I instantly thought of black, navy blue, grey and dark reds – so summery and joyful…
  • Find your style sweet spot: By looking at your wardrobe and finding the items that you have the most of you’ll be able to find what you actually enjoy wearing. Mine seems to be stripes, jeans, swing dresses and shirt dresses – who knew?!
  • Find your style spirit animal: I love love love Estee Lalonde but I don’t think I’m quite cool enough.
  • Embrace your shape: This is definitely something that I don’t know how to do, it’s like trying to find out how to make a pillow look appealing?

I feel like the only way is to sell/chuck everything I own and just start again, but that scares the shit out of me. Any tips?

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