Even more Pet Peeves

I’m sure these pet peeves don’t just apply to me, unless I’m just easily pissed off which is a possibility.

  • When people are late or make me late
  • People who overuse hashtags e.g. post a selfie and then caption it with #me #girl #smile #cute


  • Websites that have lists that make you click to the next page to see the next item
  • When my name is misspelled in an e-mail JUST LOOK AT MY E-MAIL ADDRESS, IT’S RIGHT THERE


  • People who place their cups on anything but the coaster
  • People who continue scrape their yoghurt pots when there’s clearly no yoghurt left


  • When you open a blog post to read but it turns out to be a blog post with an embedded YouTube video
  • Having sun in your eyes


What are your pet peeves?

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