Blogmas Day 3 – Selling Your House at Christmas Time

Our house is on the market, scary times! We were a bit reluctant about whether to put our house up for sale during the winter months, as we assumed most people would be focusing on Christmas and saving money – rather than making one of the biggest purchases ever.

However we eventually decided just to go with it, here’s what swayed us:

  1. Homes listed in the winter sell faster – you may not believe it but when you think about it, there are less houses on the market meaning there’s less competition.
  2. More people will see your house – the days between Christmas and New Year where people are off work hold the most hits on websites such as Rightmove (there were over 1 million people browsing Rightmove on Boxing Day last year!).
  3. Serious buyers only – buyers who are looking around Christmas time are often pretty serious about buying a house. Trust me, it’s not fun looking round homes when it’s freezing cold and raining and you definitely don’t do it for fun.

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