Blogmas Day 6 – The Weddings Wants

I couldn’t possibly write 25 blog posts for Blogmas and not talk about weddings! I must admit since attempting to sell our house and move, starting a new job and with Christmas just around the corner, the wedding plans have taken a back seat. However, I’ve still managed to set aside a bit of time to think about what I consider to be ‘must-haves’ at our wedding.

  1. Fairy lights – these are just a must-have for life really and don’t need any explaining (see dreamy photo below if you don’t believe me).
  2. Flowers – a pretty traditional must-have, however a lot of brides are skipping the flowers all together. I freekin’ love flowers so it’s definitely a tradition I’ll be sticking with.
  3. Save the dates – these are pretty new (I think) and are more of an American thing, but I think we’ll be sending them out as we’re grown ups who have grown up friends who have done adult things like move abroad :O
  4. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – has to be done in my eyes!
  5. An ode to lost loved ones – both myself and Alex have unfortunately lost some amazing people in our lives and they’re definitely going to be remembered throughout the day.


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